Request a Sandbox


Rules for Consideration

We are currently in a closed BETA for issuing sandboxes, meaning we are hand-picking projects that best fit early-stage testing within the community. Our application process is for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developers with Open Source Projects that need a sandbox to test their software.


If you already have the ability to get a sandbox, either as a Salesforce SI or ISV partner, please use that method. This process is for those that have no other method of requesting a sandbox.

The following criteria are required to be considered for a sandbox:

  1. Project helps the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Community
  2. Project has a Repository that is publicly accessible ( GitHub, BitBucket, etc. )
  3. Repository contains an open-source license
  4. Repository is actively being maintained
  5. Repository accepts code contributions from the SFCC Community
  6. Repository does not require contributors to sign a Contributor License Agreement
  7. Project is not used for a paid or freemium service
  8. Project does not contain corporate branding, promotions, or advertisements *
  9. Project does not collect private or privileged information
  10. Project agrees to follow OpenSFCC Community Guidelines

* Here are some DOs and DON'Ts for branding:


  • Project can, and probably should, link back to your Repository
  • Repository README can contain Brand Name, Logo, and Info about your organization, including links to the organization's website or custom project-specific page
  • Project can have a Brand Name, Logo, and Info about your organization behind a secondary "About the Project" section ( such as a modal, secondary dedicated web page, or output from a specific CLI "info" command )


  • Brand Name, Logos and Info about your organization should not be visible for those who are using your Project for its primary purpose
  • Project should not contain direct links to an organization or any affiliates
  • Repository README should not contain Promotions or Advertisements


  • Project: What is used by the SFCC Community when installing your Repository
  • Repository: The GitHub or BitBucket repository where the project code is stored

Is your project qualified?

Some things to consider before submitting your application for a sandbox:

Applications are reviewed manually by our team

You must have an existing Open Source project

You accept the rules for consideration listed above